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Thanks DD, Chico2 and MaxaLisa! DD not at all, I like to get information from anywhere I can about anything to do with Raggs or my kitties. Your vet may be correct DD, but it's working for Raggs, so maybe the ones I'm getting are more mature than others, and at this time of year when liver pate is so popular that is definitely a concern.

I got his written report from my vet yesterday and she mentioned that his gums were a very nice pink colour, so it is working definitely. Another thing she said that upset me was that she wondered if we were doing him any favours keeping him alive even though I told her how involved he is at home with the kitties and animal family. I think that may have been based on the fact that she needed to wash his belly because of the mess he was in and she may not think I am able to look after him as well as I could in the past. (my disability is worsening). She also remarked on the fact that there was no way she could remove the tumour surgically because he would die on the table, which I agree with. I would hate to lose him after all this, just to remove something that has been obvious for months. She also now thinks that tumour is benign. He is still smiling away most of the time when he's awake and does not appear to be in pain with his Metacam and UbaVet. He is definitely weaker in the hind end, but I believe also that a lot of what she saw was stress from being at the vet.

She had him cleaned up fairly well and I've looked him over and he's not dirty now. I plan to put a towel down under him and wash him with doggy shampoo with water when he has been lying in it. If that doesn't work, then I will try the apple cider vinegar and see if that works. It certainly should be soothing.

He does use the puppy training pads a lot of the time, but I'd rather he do that than fall down the stairs. He did have a fall the other night, (the night after he saw her) sliding down the four steps with his back legs behind him and I'm sure it hurt like H*. However, he was able to get up, go outside then come back in. He needed help getting up the stairs, but that is not unusual at all. The reason he fell was my son was trying to rush him and of course, Raggs wanted to do what he's asked and ended up falling. It's these incidents that I am trying to prevent, because more of them just give him pain and make him weaker. I watch him especially with Smokey who he allows to rub his face all over Raggs's muzzle (haven't been able to get a pic yet) and hear him bark at Tiger and Bailey when they dare to take a drink from "his" water bowl and see a dog that is fully involved with the family. He's still eating well. She did mention he could lose a few pounds so I'm going to cut back on the treats I give him. (just break them into even smaller pieces) and keep doing what I'm doing but try to keep him cleaner than I've so far been able to. I'll make absolutely certain that he is clean before I take him to my vet again. That was so embarrassing, and she needs to see the happy dog he is.

Thanks for your support for both of us, I really appreciate it
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