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I've got to admit I have a fear of heights, so I had to edge my way towards the rails of that Lookout. I believe that before it was renewed, someone did fall and die, and Di and I both disaproved of the new railing. It isn't high enough and you'd only need teenagers to start fooling around, leaning over it for instance to impress their peers with their bravery and the top would not be easy to get a grip on. Hope I'm wrong.
Melinda, pity it wasn't a clear day. We'd had strong winds the previous day, hence the haze. Di and I are both bird watchers and next time we need to remember to take along our binoculars
Patti, hope you achieve that wish some day. Funny thing, we weren't sure which path to take to avoid the steps down the side of the Falls and the guy I decided to ask turned out to be an American tourist. A local asking a visitor, duh!
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