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It was good timing, DD, the roos would be best seen out grazing at dawn or dusk and by the time we got there it was late afternoon, just after 5pm. I would like Canada Geese here. The only goose I've seen was a Magpie Goose, possibly heading for a breeding colony down south.
Chico2, I think even farmers have to have a permit to shoot roos, and then it'd be x number of them. No shooting in a National Park unless they decide the deer need to be culled perhaps. Due to catastrophic bushfires I doubt if the roo numbers ever get too high.
Longblades, thanks, that's nice. Glad you all enjoy the photo's.
CsqU4r3d, you are welcome to use any of my photo's. Do you think if your nephew married his girlfriend later that he would shift down under? I don't even have a didgeridoo or bearded dragon.
Melinda, I'm sure the hoons here don't eat the roo meat, they'd take it for their dogs.
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