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Myka I know that smell and understand why you say gross! it is!

From what I understand from my vet when Winston was quite young was that it is usually a result of food / loose poops. If the poop isnt firm enough to force the glands to release then the dog usually has to try to do it themselves. Are Roxy's stools a bit loose?

The other thing you could try is when she comes in from relieving herself you could give her a quick wipe with one of those wipes. There are some for women that are vitamin e and aloe only so there is nothing harmful on them...just a thought.

Its funny I know that smell distinctly. I was able to tell a co worker with a new puppy that the funny smell her dog was giving off was anal glands and sure enough after a quick vet visit that was the problem....its a unique odor I guess you could say.

Good Luck with Roxy!
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