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Thanks for your answer DD I really appreciate the information you gave me. I put together a diet based on the anti-cancer guidelines of several different online sites (I have the links for all of them but it`s too long to list here) and once I had done that I took the list to my vet and she thought it was an excellent diet to put him on. However at that time she didn`t expect him to last more than a month or two.

What she said the other day was that the chicken livers I was giving him were obviously keeping his hemoglobin up and restoring it when it was necessary after a bleed. He is also getting a vitamin-mineral compound, ground beef, sardines, flax seeds, and his UbaVet and Metacam. His diet also used to include a lot of different herbs and alternative medicine stuff like Burdock but he reacted to that and started vomiting. I also had brown rice in every meal but he now has decided he`s not going to eat it either. I had to cut out all the alternative stuff I was giving him because my vet had told me that the stress of vomiting was likely to cause a bleed so anything that caused vomiting was eliminated from his diet.

You may be right about the chicken livers but they have worked for him every time he`s had a bleed so the ones I`m getting from my butcher may not be young kills or they at least contain enough iron to bring his hemoglobin back to normal. My vet prefers the diet I have him on, to anything else I could give him, especially kibble or canned food. He does get about 1/5 of a can of chunky canned food just for the gravy he likes. I kept it in his diet after he stopped eating the rice because he liked it so much.

BTW later this afternoon he finally woke up and acted normal and each time he fell asleep he was easily roused. So I'm no longer worried about his level of consciousness, though I'll definitely keep an eye on it in the next couple of days.

I also forgot to mention that when he went to the vet his belly was very dirty, he'd obviously been lying in poop when he was outside. I was really embarrassed of course and she suggested I take him to a groomer, but after how wiped out he's been for 4 days after his trip to the vet, I think it would be way too stressful for him even if I wait until he's back to normal.

So I think I'm just going to put a towel under him and give him a good wash with doggy shampoo. I don't even think a bath in the bathtub is appropriate after his exhaustion level. I honestly think either one of those choices might finish him off and I certainly don't want to hasten his death just 9 days before his 14th birthday. I don't like leaving him dirty but better dirty than gone to the bridge. I'll just wait until he's acting normal for an entire day before giving him his sponge bath.
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