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Well it sounds about as good as you could expect, maybe a bit better I guess. Sweet Raggs . I was wondering about the chicken liver you feed him though, did the vet recommend that? The reason I ask is that when Shadow started having low iron counts and such the vet recommended iron supplements and I said I was feeding her chicken livers but he said that there wasn't that much good stuff in them because the chickens are killed so young that the livers just don't develop with all the nutrients we want them for. So I was just wondering if that was what your vet recommended (I wouldn't try to second guess your vet by any means) or if it was just what you did like me. Would there be an alternative to chicken livers for supplementing his blood levels? Hope this doesn't offend you... it's just what popped into my head. I'm so glad that Raggs is hanging in though, and I agree with your decision fully not to stress him out any further. Hugs to you both
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