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Hazel, Digby is the funniest pony, he adores our orphan lambs and even thinks bees are his friends. In hot weather he'll stand with his head in a cloud of bees at his water trough, with a dozy look on his face as if he really thinks they are his friends. I don't know that I'd trust him not to hurt Jarrah if she was in his yard, but then "Wrinkles", the merino ewe lamb, got in with him and he was fine. By the way, Wrinkles inherited the name of the little ram lamb we couldn't save, and as you'll see below, it's appropriate.
Unfortunately sheep haven't a way to protect themselves against dogs. A Kelpie(sheep dog) attacked a ewe of ours that we had on a block in town and she was badly bitten in the face, so even trying to butt the dog is no deterrant. Sheep don't know that saying, curiosity killed the cat, Melinda, you can see in the second shot that if the gate was open they'd have followed Jarrah.
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