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Originally Posted by michellebell72 View Post
I'm sorry for your loss. Does anybody know how to find out if a Vet has a complaint against them as this info is not available on the CVO website. I am about to file a complaint and was trying to find something on the Vet or clinic but really have no idea where to look. My dog didn't die during surgery, but had some problems, believe they read his chart wrong and gave meds not required ( an AED) and now are trying to cover up.
Of course its not on the CVO website. Doing so would infringe upon the rights to confidentiality and would slander the clinic involved. Kind of unfair competition don't ya think? And it would not be very professional of the CVO to expose clinics which have had problems, whether or not they were liable. Think about if the clinic was found not guilty for .lack of a better term? And then the clinic's name is put on the CVO:s website on their blacklist? Not really fair. And then there is the client's right to confidentiality.

I read your thread and am truly very sorry for your loss. Phenobarb is sometimes used as a sedative but not sure why it was in your case. I think you have a good case to bring to the CVO. Have you looked into reporting your situation.?
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