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That was the aim, Hazel, to have other people like them. I used to pass a lovely rose garden on my way to the Vet's, it really lifted my spirits each time I saw it, so I wanted mine to have that sort of impact. With time it will have, I hope.
Patti, these are November's roses, I was too busy sending iris photo's to worry about the roses. Some have finished their first flush and are starting a second, others are having a breather, while some haven't started flowering yet. I love singles too and can't wait for Chinensis Mutabilis to start flowering here. Single and the flowers change colour, they say it looks as if the bush is covered with big butterflies. Not a lot of bees on them though, they love the native Callistemons(bottlebrushes) you see and they're flowering too. Here are a few more.

Snow Kiss. (miniature)
Burgundy Iceberg
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