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Originally Posted by Kelly C View Post
Like in every profession some are better than others.
I've also learned never to choose a professional randomly but to get a referral from a friend or neighbour.
My condolences to anyone who has lost a beloved pet. I lost my black lab from lymphoma 2 years ago, and my heart is still breaking.

My yellow lab, who is 10 years old, just went through some very serious surgery in June. I took him to a Vet Specialty Hospital. They have anesthesiologists which you generally don't find at local vets. His condition eventually became serious enough (though you'd never know looking at him) for surgery. Blood tests by my general vet showed a problem and she referred me to the specialty center. After draining 3 litres of fluid from his chest, I asked if they had a thoracic surgeon. They didn't. Just as I wouldn't want a general surgeon doing open heart surgery on me, I didn't want that for my pup. The internist (bless him) worked with me and we found a vet who specialized in his particular surgery. We are in Georgia and she was in Texas. She did the surgery, running into abnormalities in his anatomy so I feel sure (and so did she) that he would not have survived the surgery had I not had an expert for his particular condition.

It's worth the research and asking veterinary schools, etc., for anything outside of the norm or if anesthesia is required. That's just my 2 cent opinion--I was fortunate.
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