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Sweet Potato Chips and Chylothorax

Originally Posted by belle975 View Post
I wonder if they can be dried in the oven?
My dog had successful surgery for chylothorax, recently. He's on a low fat prescription food and the only treats he gets are the sweet potato chips I make for him as they are full of vitamins and NO FAT.

I bought my self an inexpensive mandoline on Amazon I can slice 5 potatoes in about 5 minutes-I use the medium setting. I put them on 3 cookie sheets (I have a convection oven, but I'm sure a regular oven would work just fine). I bake them at 200 degrees for 3:40 .

He loves them, and they are so good for him. You'd never know how ill he was just a few months ago. I'm very, very strict with his diet and I continued to give him Rutin after surgery.

Hope this helps anyone who is faced with this condition. Had I known what I know, now, however, all my pups would have gotten SW chips instead of store bought treats.
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