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Winston you are right about not printing pics these days - everything is on the camera or computer. I do print pics of major events as DH isn't computer literate enough to look at them online, so we have a few albums floating around (like from the BBQ for 160 this summer and son's wedding). I have to admit though I don't have a lot of the dogs around. It's always so hard to get a good face shot of the dogs with black dogs. First Shadow's face was just black, and then at the end she had all the grey so her eyes looked - I don't know, just didn't look quite right somehow. You have no idea how often people asked me if she was a wolf!

14+ certainly has a way with words and as soon as I got your album I knew I would have to put her poem into it. I love it just as it is though and don't really want to add anything, it's perfect.

to thank you again. I'll call you soon, do you think we can do a talk without crying yet???
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