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Last year when Shadow took ill, I was distraught over the fact that I wouldn't be with her anymore and she would be upset because of her extreme SA. 14+ sent me this lovely poem, I am going to put it into the album that Cindy sent me, I think it will fit in nicely. And I agree, the people on this site are just so amazing, it's one kindness after another. Truly you folks all rock my world.

Shadowís side

Donít worry Mom, Iíll be fine
Iíve been told there is a wonderful place
Where all my problems will be left behind
I wonít be scared when you arenít there
Instead Iíll be watching you from up there
Iíve heard in this place there is no pain
I can play, can run, can tumble down
Iíll be up so high, Iíll feel so free
Iíll miss you but I know soon youíll be with me
Iíll find so many old friends up there
Theyíll keep me company till you can be near
Donít worry Mom, Iíll be fine

Author: 14+

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