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Jarrah's such a good girl.

Jarrah has been having some new experiences and I just have to say I am very pleased with her. Coming as a 2 year old out of a backyard I wouldn't expect her to be good with livestock, however I decided to take her along when putting my bottle fed lambs away and she merely acted happy to be with them, not excited, then when I introduced her to our pony stallion all she did was lick him on the nose. Wanted to lick my ewes on the nose too when she met them through a gate, which is pretty good for a cattle dog, Perkins for instance would always have tried to nip.
Her latest job is helping us calm down a friend's very reactive GSD. He was put in a boarding kennel as a youngish pup and after days of dogs barking at him is not prepared to trust any bar her little Shih Tzu. He was so wound up he didn't even realise Jarrah is a female close to being in season, he would just continuously lunge and bark at her. They've had only 3 meetings and while he still lapses back into attack mode occassionally my friend has got him focusing on her very well due to daily training and I think Jarrah's unflappable behaviour is working its magic too. He is much more relaxed for the majority of their get togethers. Doesn't matter what he throws at her, Jarrah just wants to play, or she ignores him. We had a nice quiet walk down the road today, no nonsense. He's a lovely boy, I think we'd adopt him if she ever decided she didn't want him.
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