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pee'all'over problem

ChrisKam, I am new to this site and have the same problem with my 12 y.o. Border Collie. She had two bladder infections recently; after the first one everything was ok; the second one - not so good. She was on antibiotics for 3 weeks but I think that she has never fully recovered and started to pee in the house. She has not done it before. Now few minutes after I leave for work she pees (checked on her 15 min. after I left and she peed) even if I take her for a walk before. I am aware that her UTI might not be gone and this weekend taking her to see vet again. I keep putting shower curtains from DollarStore on the floors, wash them few times and after few days get new one. My only hope is that it is not anything serious; after researching online I fear that unfortunately it can be pretty bad already... .... oh well, she is such a good doggie. I am going to get pee pads and try to take her out more often; also, perhaps another vet visit will solve a problem a bit... will let you know
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