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Originally Posted by tenderfoot View Post
Why would you ever wish to use electricity to try to train a dog when it simply takes good skills, consistency and a sound relationship. Resorting to devices doesn't teach the dog it simply forces him and it doesn't hone your training skills. You do not learn to communicate effectively when you can simply push a button and zap the dog to make him behave. Devices quickly become crutches for the human and don't teach your dog to think.
First off, I will just quote myself. Its easier
All you need is a vibrating collar for recall
Before the flaming torches come out let me just clarify you are not shocking your dog for a recall but instead using the "page" option ( depending on the collar) which is only a vibration
Its a tool, as is a collar, as is a lead... I'm sorry if a vibrating box attached to a collar is offensive and automatically leads people to believe you are electrocuting your dog but until one completely understands ANY tool that is being used, the dog is being forced.
Same can be said for long line training with turning to walk away, you are making your dog rely on the pressure on the tool that is the lead and collar to come to you. Unless you are completely relying on treat based bribes 100% of the time you are using a tool. Even the treat or clicker for praise is a tool.

There are more than one humane way to train a dog and I will use the method that is most reliable in my opinon.

None of my dogs are dependant on the e collar. Nor are they traumatized from being vibrated ( not electrocuted) by using them as a teaching aid. However, 100% of the time when i call them, they turn on their haunches and come barreling over to me as happy as can be. Since training with said torture device also included many treats and praise. It is a simple conditioning, the dog makes a choice. Either continue to run away and feel that annoying vibration behind your ear or turn and come towards me and it stops and treats are waiting. When training with the e collar the dog is introduced to the collar as nothing more than a collar for weeks prior to being introduced to the vibration.

The thing with any training is unless you understand the fundamentals behind each and every thing you are doing, you probably should not be doing it as a first timer on your own which will now bring me to this quote
I would recommend you find a trainer that can teach you proper use of a pager. You can't just put the collar on for recall work only as dogs are smart and learn fast that the collar is what is causing the vibration. You don't want a dog that is completely e collar dependant so a trainer to help you with this is a must
the reason I push people to classes or trainers so much is even things like a choker ( put on wrong), prong collar (hanging around the neck), leash correction ( with no release), "pop"(lifting a dog clear off their front feet), infamous Cesar Millan "Tcchh" and jab can be used the wrong way and WILL be if not taught why, how and when to do them.
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