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Thank you Winston

Cindy, you are amazing. Last night I got home from work and had a package in the mail. Even during her own grief over losing sweet Winston, this amazing woman took the time to make a beautiful scrap book of pictures of my two Shadow and Halo for me. Cindy you must have spent so much time searching threads to find all the pictures! It's amazing. I think the first picture page is the best with a beautiful picture of Shadow and the header "MY OLD DOG - A HEARTBEAT AT MY FEET" (Wharton). That truly was Shadow. Now she and Winston both are heartbeats and angel wings in our hearts instead.

I can't thank you enough my friend. It's so lovely. DH was amazed, he's always thought we were kinda nuts here you know, but lately he has come to realize how very special you all are.

So not knowing how to reciprocate (I'm not artsy) I have made a donation to 14+ in memory of Winston and Shadow. Some very needy kitties will be a little warmer this winter in memory of our two. We'll talk soon my friend. Thank you so much again, you're an angel.
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