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Originally Posted by maggie79 View Post
Oh my...I so remember seeing this photo of Maggie with her postings and I never saved it. Thanks!!
It is certainly a small world. I'm very happy to see some pictures of Maggie's brother. So awesome. I'm from Aylmer, Quebec.
I did remember reading one of your posts stating that the mother was stolen?? I hope not...that is such a terrible and sad thing to happen.
So I'm assuming the other siblings have gotten along with Bully their brother, lol.
Well when i went to get Bully from the breeder, there was only the dad there and the lady told me that the mother had been stolen.

Also... This might sound weird but i mean, if you would like me to get Bully, Brooklyn and Ivey together and meet up with you some day, im sure it would be doable..

And im also really suprised and happy that you have talked to me on here
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