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Originally Posted by maggie79 View Post
That's awesome! They are forsure from the same litter. I got Maggie from this Laurie lady outside of Montreal last year. It was a couple of days before Christmas. She did live far out of Montreal so she met us in Bucherville. She only had 2 females left at that time. She brought both of them so we could pick. The biggest regret I have is not taking both of them. Maggie is such an amazing and well behaved dog. I couldn't ask for anything better. Maggie weights 75lbs right now too. Her dad was a Dogo Argentino and the mom was an American Bulldog. I do have some pictures of both of them which I'm going to post! Did you only take the one male or did you buy more? I really hope she breeds again and sells more pups as I would jump on it in a heart beat!! I'm also going to post more pictures of Maggie. Look forward to hearing from you again.
Wow!! I just found a picture of Maggie that ive received from the "breeder"... What are the odds of meeting on a site like this I cant beleive it haha

I got a male "Bully", my friend got a female "brooklyn" and my cousin got another female "Ivey"...

Where are you from?? I live near Ottawa
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