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Originally Posted by maggie79 View Post
Hi Bastien,

I've noticed your posts on your AB/Dogo Argentino and I wanted to ask you where you got your dog? Funny enough I purchased my female which is the same mix as yours and I think the same age. Maybe they are related?

That would be awsome!!! ive trying to get into contact with Bully's litter but the "breeder" wouldnt let me (makes sence).

I dont remenber de name of the town. It was on the Quebec side. 300$ i think i payed for him. It was a litter of 11 if i remember corectly. Dad(Dogo) was all white with black marking on his ears and mom was AB(black and white) Where did you buy yours? Do you have any pictures? You can also PM me if you prefer.

Mine was also born on October 27th!!!! lol
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