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Have you looked into e-collar training?
Before the flaming torches come out let me just clarify you are not shocking your dog for a recall but instead using the "page" option ( depending on the collar) which is only a vibration. I'm sure you can get collars that only vibrate for a lot cheaper than a good e collar but I like the more expensive ones because the range is better on them.

Basically how it works is you have the collar on, remote in hand and dog on a long leash
You just stand somewhere and let your dog wander off, say command and press the page button (which again is just a constant vibration) as soon as your dog turns and looks at you or takes a step towards you, you release the page making the vibration stop.
It really doesn't take long for your dog to turn fast and come towards you when hearing the command after a bit.
If off leash recall is what you want 100% of the time I would recommend you find a trainer that can teach you proper use of a pager. You can't just put the collar on for recall work only as dogs are smart and learn fast that the collar is what is causing the vibration. You don't want a dog that is completely e collar dependant so a trainer to help you with this is a must. ALL my dogs are trained recall on ecollars, we are in the bush a lot and I want them to come when called every time regardless of the distraction they face as it could very well be a life or death situation if they go chasing after something like a bear, coyote or even a rabbit that leads them to a road... Too risky to not have solid recall in my opinon
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