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I'm not sure a 100% reliable recall is going to happen for any dog.

What about a really reliable down? At least that would allow you to catch up.

In the classes I took the trainer taught an "emergency" come. You do not say it all the time. Sometimes we say Rover come! so often that they tend to start to ignore the word.

My emergency recall word is "schnell" something that i wouldn't generally use in everyday speaking.

After teaching it for about a year now, I don't teach it every day but I SHOULD, i am starting to see my oldest dogs head whip around to me followed by her body when I say it. I make it as interesting and fun and exciting to be running top speed back to me as possible.

You have to use baby steps though. Inside the house is a completely different ball game to outside in a new environment at the cottage. For most of the year I've been teaching it my dogs are "off" leash...first dragging 30 foot leashes, then 15, then 10, then 6...they still drag a standard dollar store leash in case i have to quickly catch them all but it took a long time before I trusted them enough to do that short of a leash.

Once your dog can do a recall 100% in the house...move it out to the yard...just add a bit more distraction every time. If she fails..back it off to where she can succeed and keep doing it.
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