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Jazzy Boxer Gal looking for 4-ever home - Vancouver, BC

Name: Jazzy
Age: 4 yrs old
Sex: Spayed female
Color: Flashy Fawn
Dogs: Yes
Kids: Older
Cats: Yes
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Jazzy is a 4year old flashy fawn female boxer. Jazzy came from a family that loved her but didn't have the time to properly give her all she needed. Exercise, discipline, attention are all the things that Jazzy is praying for in her new home. She no longer will accept being stuck out in the back yard and forgotten. Jazzy says 'here is the new me!'. Jazzy is great inside the home. Loves hanging with her people. She is a little flirt! She especially loves male boxers! She recently just acquired one in her new foster home and thinks he is just swell. Jazzy is the ideal dog inside but needs training on her leash skills. Not her fault, no one has showed her before now! She wants someone who will make her a priority. This includes investing the time and energy into training. Jazzy feels it is never too late for her to learn. She loves kids but might be better off not living with them until she learns all her manners and the proper P's and Q's about being around kiddies!

Will you give Jazzy the life she is looking for. She really, really wants it!!

If your interested in adopting Jazzy please visit our site to fill out an adoption application a volunteer will touchbase soon.
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