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Thanks for the suggestion! Tracking classes sound pretty cool, so I'm eager to check it out. (Our dog would probably love doing more 'work' - she loves her 'hiking harness/backpack' that carries her water).

I'm just wondering though... These classes may be wonderful to teach my dog how to track, but do you think that they'll solve the problem of getting an obediate recall?

We live in an urban center, so here's a *possible* scenario: What if we're walking on-leash along a busy and road she sees/catches the smell of a cat, and slips her collar? I want a RELIABLE recall for both obedience/play and safety reasons.

Have you had similar 'recall' issues solved by a tracking class? I've had other family dogs (even terriers) that learned the recall MUCH better then our little HOUNDdog! So far, I'm sticking-out on training with the dog whistle. But I just bought a ~50m lead and want to incorporate that into some outdoor training... Hopefully that will do the trick.

Any other suggestions welcome!
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