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You can't generalize about the dog's size or even breed being a precursor to if the dog will fit well in apartment living.

I know examples of all sorts of large breeds, GSDs, Pointers, Great Danes, Newfs, where the dog is either a couch potato that would do fine in an apartment with adequate exercise, or ones that are energetic nut balls that would be bouncing off the walls.

Honestly, there really isn't that much of a difference to the dog if he's living in a 1000 sq ft apartment or a 1100 sq ft bungalow with a small yard. It all comes down to the owner's commitment level and available time and energy to keep the dog exercises and entertained. An apartment dweller has no choice but to take the dog out for a walk, some one in the house can easily chuck the dog in the backyard and never walk it. The space you live in is by no means an indication of how dedicated of a dog owner you are.

That aside, would I want to live in a 500 sq ft condo with a large shedding drooling Newf regardless of how lazy it is? No, you would constantly be bumping into the dog, personally it would drive me nuts. Even if the dog is lazy, all dogs get the occasional zoomies or a desire to stretch out a little.

If you do want a near sure bet, the only dogs I can think of would be retired racing greyhounds, and you would be saving a life. Otherwise case by case rescue, where you can fairly evaluate the dog's ability to live in an apartment and be happy. Samoyeds, since they have been mentioned I think of as outdoorsy dogs, not ones that like to sit inside. Plus they can be pretty vocal, some thing that could get you kicked out in an apartment.
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