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Originally Posted by Myka View Post
Hmmm, I don't think I could agree less.

#1 - For thousands of years the trend has always been that people on larger land plots tended to have larger dogs. Indoor dogs tended to be smaller. Large palaces with land often had fairly large dogs like Bourjois, Saluki, etc. The dogs tended to suit their purpose. This should still be the same - people should choose a breed that suits their life, instead of trying to cram a square into a circle hole. What time has changed is that now people have dogs based upon their wants/likes rather than needs, which ties into #2.

#2 - One of my absolute biggest pet peeves is when people say both spouses have to work to make a living. This is absolutely false, but getting into this subject is REALLY off-topic and needs its own thread if we should carry on discussing.
You do not have to agree at all. You have your opinion, I have mine. As I deal with dogs on death row I guess I am more inclined to find them in a home with love than in the freezer.

If the OP is going the rescue route, then the rescue would only place a large dog that would do well in a small space setting. They know their dogs and what is acceptable and what is not. Large dog does not necessarily require large space. It depends on the temperment, requirement and behaviours of that particular dog.

As for two income families and inflation..well that is up for discussion in another thread. Good point.

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