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Originally Posted by 067734m View Post
We have a 50lb beagle/hound mix (read: "beagle on stilts") in our two bedroom/two bath apartment and it works out great. We are all very comfortable. I think our dog may even be getting a better deal than someone with a yard as we go on "off-territory" walks everytime we go out (as opposed to just letting your dog out in the same backyard). We do exercise a lot and usually go out on long weekend hikes. So I'd say apartments do require a little more attention to your dog (great for your dog). I am thinking of getting her a jacket or something for the winter as the temp changes could be a little extreme - it's our first winter...
Thank you for posting your experience. I could not agree with you more.
Every dog is an individual. There are big breed couch potatoes that do not have to have big spaces to be comfortable.
I think of dogs in cages at the shelters. I ask myself would they prefer being in a cage and possible freezer, or would they prefer a loving environment. Hands down, I think I know what the answer would be.
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