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Thanks so much for your responses. I feel a lot better about it now. The only thing that has always bothered me with Tiger is the blinking that he still does occasionally. A friend who was here today said she had noticed him drinking with his paw for several years now, sheesh took me long enough to see it. I think I noticed now because he drinks out of the water dish I keep for Raggs and it is white ceramic rather than metal like the one I used to use for all of them and it is close to where I sit on the computer all the time.

The blinking has always looked to me like he is shading his eyes from the light, the brighter it is the more he seems to blink. Unlike the others he also doesn't sit in the bay window where there is sun all day, until after dark. It may just be that he was born with a light sensitivity, unlike the other cats. Since it's been going on since he was a kitten and he's now 11 years old, I doubt it is anything really serious.

I have to take Raggs and Sam to the vet in the next few weeks, so will ask then what she thinks.

Thanks again
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