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Hi All,

I have a (suspected) beagle coonhound mix. This is my first 'hound' dog and I've had similar training issues. We solved the pulling issue with this:

It's a no-pull harness - easy to use - not as harsh as a head attachment. Our dog loves wearing it (synonymous with great walks/runs). It only took a day or two of training to see results! I was really impressed. I still use it for runs because you can use it as a regular harness (not all or any pressure on the neck for when that cat runs out of the bushes in front of us).

The one thing I have NOT been able to master is a solid recall! Our hound sticks to us like glue indoors, but once she gets that nose to the ground it's like nothing else exists. She comes when called like a pro when ON leash. But off-leash I'm getting nothing... I've tried everything: dry treats, wet treats, goldfish crackers, hot dogs, raw meat, dog whistle... Nothing can compete with her all those SMELLS. Any advice for this appreciated!
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