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What is perfection

Congratulations on the job -sound wonderful! Definitely a smaller dog (non short nosed - problems with heat and possibly flying) sounds most suitable for your situation. Apart from looking into vaccination requirements and quarantines you may want to consider the various temperaments of dogs in general. Not all dogs like to travel, not all dogs react well to being crated and some may be loud and/or destructive. Toilet training takes time and consistency. Where will you be leaving your pup when you are not with him/her? WE went on a short road trip with our dog and while it was enjoyable many activities were curtailed.No restaurants, not many stores, no theatre, no movies ormuseums etc....A lot of restrictions when trying to enjoy a new country. Unfortunately the world is not always such a dog friendly place, even outdoor beaches have their own restrictions. Lots of research for you, best of luck.
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