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That poor rabbit is probably an "end of summer" dump, but it could very well be lost. Either way, winter cold or wildlife will end up killing it.
Can you bring along a cat carrier/kennel cab lined with a soft blanket and some carrots and hay?
As long as the rabbit has gardens and weeds to nibble on he may be harder to catch, but once the big freeze comes he will be in trouble.

I've caught one before just by approaching it for a couple of days and then grabbing it near a bush and stuffing it into the cat carrier. Gotta be quick for that method.

Will a neighbour help and let you leave the cage for the rabbit to check out?
Just don't chase him because that will only lead to him losing trust in you.
Good LUck.
Please have pets spayed and neutered,
and wearing a collar with an ID tag.
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