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Exclamation How to Catch a Loose Rabbit?

I do nighttime newspaper deliveries and for the past three nights I've seen this domestic rabbit. It's obviously someone's lost pet, and I would like to catch it, I don't think it would survive the winter. I may never see ti again but if I do I want to be ready.
The first time I saw it I didn't have anything to catch it with, although it let me get close enough to almost touch it. The second time another newspaper deliverer in a hurry came speeding up and scared it away. The third time I had a box with me, but the rabbit stayed just out of reach, hopping along just in front of me, and hiding under cars. I eventually had to give up when it went into someone's backyard and wouldn't come out.
Next time I see it I want to be ready. I'm keeping a box in the car to put it in, does anyone with rabbit experience know of a favorite rabbit treat that might lure it close enough to drop a box over it? Something as appealing to rabbits as catnip is to cats?
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