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Well, I woke up in agony on Sunday, all the pain concentrated on the area where I had thought maybe I had a fracture, so I went to the ER and had it x rayed. Apparently my arthritis (osteoporosis?) is so bad the Dr couldn't see if there was a fine fracture or not but regardless she was treating it as one, so a pressure bandage for a couple of weeks, and in a sling for a month. I can tell you now, that won't last. The sling hurts my neck and there are too many things you must have both hands for.
Thought I'd show you all a snap I took at the latest garden I visited. This garden belongs to a friend of the lady I bought my 10 new irises from. The first lady was so impressed by the fact that my camera captured the true colour of the blooms that she told the second one, who phoned me to ask about the camera ,then I volunteered to go and take photo's for her. She actually intends to buy the same camera I think. She had 5 big iris beds like this one. The second photo is the garden in town I went to inspect, lovely irises again, including this one with what they called horns. See how the beard lifts off the falls. Most unusual.
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