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I know exactly how you feel and how you are afraid. We have a former feral who, inexplicably, gets frightened once in a while and attacks me in bed at night. If you could see my scalp through my hair I bet I have scars. I do have a scar on my arm where she bit me. The big scratch across my cheek healed without leaving a mark but it took months. My cat isn't falling either, it's deliberate, although I do credit fear and one time jealousy as another cat was nearby and, crazy as it must now sound, I belong to this cat.

In a way I guess I am luckier than you as my cat gets wound up while I'm awake, apart from one time, and I can see it brewing now. I push her away. RAther rudely too but she always wants a cuddle next time and never shows fear of me after I've dumped her off the bed.

Funny, I've never thought of having her declawed. I've learned to watch and have become sensitive to her footsteps on the bed at night. I simply do not allow her to sleep near my head. She forgives me for pushing her away just as I forgive her for her scratching and biting.

Try pushing her away. Animals, even cats, are pretty forgiving. Especially if they think you didn't mean it so pretend to be asleep. LOL, but I am serious, give it a try.
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