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Definitely holding his own and has finally finished molting which is always hard on him. He has had some low days but we seem to be through them again and it is now past the 10 month period since he was diagnosed.

He is still giving the cats the 'what to for' and especially Smokey. Smokey has a bad habit of rolling on the floor in Raggs's face and depending on Raggs's mood he either just moves his head, or barks at him and chases him away. It of course doesn't deter Smokey from doing it all again as soon as he can.

The tumour is definitely larger than it was and has rough areas on it so instead of being smooth as it was for a long time, it is bumpy and looks like a tumour. There is no discharge from it yet, but it seems to still be soft and pliable and isn't causing him any pain. I know this because he lies directly on it without any reaction. I have concluded that the tumour is benign as he is still alive, hasn't lost any weight and doesn't seem to have pain.

I haven't taken any pics of him lately, but I will in the next few days. I want to take some new pics of all of them but since they are just finishing their molt, I want to wait until they look good again.

Thanks for keeping us in mind and sending good wishes for Raggs.
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