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Originally Posted by Raydeeohed View Post
So I've had my cat about 2 years now, she is about 5 years old, a little overweight, and has always been an indoor cat. I also live in an apartment complex on the second floor so she has no way of escaping to the outside (plus she freaks out if she ends up in the hallway and runs back inside). She also rubs her face up against the corners of furniture to scratch. She is also my only pet.

The problem I have been having recently involves her sleeping right by my face at night, sometimes I know she is there and sometimes she'll end up there in the middle of the night without me knowing. I like that she is friendly and likes to cuddle up right next to me, but a recent incident has made me feel afraid to fall asleep or stay asleep without waking up at night. One night I suddenly felt a sharp pain, my cat jumped down from near my face where she was sleeping, and I woke up with a deep, terrible gash on my forehead because for some reason or another, she got scared, perhaps was about to fall off the bed, or I flinched while I was sleeping and scared her, and either her front or back claw latched onto my forehead. There's a scar there now that will never go away.
What worries me is that she has been doing this recently and unexpectedly(or I just notice it more now that I was injured) and has come centimenters from gouging out my eye and permanently blinding me.
I feel bad because I keep pushing her off the bed when I miss sleeping next to my kitty, and if cat declawing doesn't change her personality toward me - pushing her off the bed definately will.
I can't lock her in a room at night (unless it's the tiny bathroom) because I live in a studio apartment, and yet that is still just as bad as pushing her off the bed. I do trim her claws regularly but that wouldn't make a difference because of the pressure that she uses to grasp on will go through my eye anyway. I'm sure cat claw caps will go through my eye too, and she'll probably eat them anyway.
I also tried to sleep with a eye mask on but I wake up and its off.

I used to have a different cat and we had his front paws declawed (but he was younger) and never had a problem with him and his behavior. He just didn't want you to touch his front paws ever after that.

The reason I'm writing this is that I do feel bad having her back and front declawed, or declawed for that matter, I read reviews and most people are so against it - saying that there is absolutely no reason for it. I think my vision is a good enough reason here, and I don't know what else to do.

Do you think she'll be alright? Maybe someone with a cat that has a 4paw declaw can tell me how their cat is?
Maybe you should read the links L4H posted about declawing and how it affects the cat. You seem to be describing only one incident that happened after having her sleeping with you for 2 years. I'm sure your kitty was terrified at your reaction especially if she was already scared by something. Why don't you try putting a pillow beside your face so she can't sleep there. In other words try to get her to sleep against another part of your body.

In this day and age with 'soft paws' available, no one should have to consider declawing their cat. It also prevents them from damaging furniture or doing anything destructive with their claws. If you can't put them on your kitty, your vet will do it, as most vets do. I hope you decide not to declaw your cat and come back to read what has been written here about declawing. Good luck with a solution, I'm sure you'll find one that doesn't involve declawing.
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