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Sounds like a great job, but if you have it in your mind that having a puppy while doing that kind of travel will be really easy you are in for a rude surprise! Young dogs require tons of attention, work, exercise, training, you name it. What happens when said puppy wakes from a nap on the private plane and you can't just take it outside to do business as you potty train? What if you're in a hotel somewhere and it's potty time? Will you be able to focus on a positive reinforcement training program somewhere for eight weeks straight while travelling?? We're not saying you can't ever have a pet, just that you have to really really consider if it's fair to have one when you're on the road as much as you say you will be. My dog is was with me 24 hours a day even when I was at work and as a senior dog she required a lot of attention. Not every job environment is suited to that. We would hate to see you get a dog and then realize that travelling with it and quarantines and such is just too much work and you need to rehome it. It would be too sad for the dog and for you. If you are determined please think small, travel will be much easier.
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