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TWo countries in a month? Will it be back and forth between two countries or is the number of countries higher? I wonder if this is the right time for a dog at all.

Some concerns you didn't mention:

Vaccination requirements in every country involved.

Quarantine rules.

Licensing rules.

Some dogs travel well, in a car, some don't. I don't see how you can possibly know this till after the fact. Unless you will get an adult dog and the seller is honest. Will it be car travel or airline as asked above?

If you get a puppy I think it would be quite difficult to properly raise a pup when you are starting a new job. You'd have to find new places or people to help you with letting the wee thing out to potty and exercise while you are away. Also consider trainging classes. Unless your new job itself involves driving and pup can go with? Still, would dog/pup have to wait in the car for long periods of time?

Sorry, it really, really doesn't sound like a good idea at all to me.
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