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Fortunately, each of ours have a different begging routine. Sunshine (the dog) vacuums the floor with her nose, and "talks" to you if she doesn't find what she considers enough. (Her version of a big enough share for the dog and ours differ dramatically). Misty sits up high and grabs at any food dish passing by, making wide detours necessary, moving to sitting beside you once you are seated. Mooboots waits until you are seated and alternates between sad little "meep"s and prowling behind your shoulders in an effort to sneak stuff off your plate. Dr. Seuss sits and stares, willing you to drop something. He saves running full speed betwen your feet for greetings and the tops of stairs.
Dr. Seuss~DLH (brother's cat)~June 2007-
Misty~DSH (my cat & Mooby's mom)-?- Sept. 15, 2014
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