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Still searching for a perfect dog

Still havent found a dog. (

I recently got a great job, but I will be travelling a lot and because I will be away from home, family and friends i am planning to adopt a dog to be on a road with me.

I have a hard time finding a dog that will be perfect for me, so thats why im asking so many questions.

What im looking for in a dog is:- being able to move from place to place ( like 2 countries in a month )
- possibly big
- an athletic dog that love to play and be active, friendly to other animals

And another thing that I would like to know - are there any limits on how far can dogs travel? And where do they travel? Are they with you or in a cage? Thats the first thing I should check before I start searching for a companion.

Thank you all and I hope soon I find a new BFF.
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