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Originally Posted by Hachiko View Post
i am going to do this by myself because the only rescue group i could have thought of bringing her in is full...
I ended up taking in a pregnant feral under similar circumstances (full story here:, so I wish you the best of luck! How do you plan to catch her? Do you have a humane trap you can borrow?

Originally Posted by Hachiko View Post
I have a room for her where i hope she will stay until she has her babies.
Any guess as to how far along she is in the pregnancy? Would be good to trap her around a week before she's due so she can get over the stress of being inside. Make sure any windows in the room are very secure and there are no small spaces she can squeeze into to hide. Provide her with a couple of cardboard boxes instead if she needs to hide to feel safe. If she's feral, she likely has never used a litter box before. You could give her the option of eliminating in a box filled with dirt from outside, but I'd also recommend trying some Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract litter (worked great in my situation).

Just a word of warning, she may have some extremely stinky poops and room-clearing gas . We're talking nuclear stink. She's processing the waste of all the kittens inside her and it can result in some pretty noxious odours. It will eventually clear up (or maybe you'll be lucky and it won't be so bad). Don't use any room deodorizers (sprays nor plug-ins) or incense, as these can be quite toxic to cats. You might just have to grin and bare it for a while. Scoop the boxes as soon as you can and put the waste in a container outside.

Feed her as much canned food as she'll eat. Something high quality preferably, like Wellness. My petite Cinnamon Girl was eating over 18 oz of canned food a day when she was pregnant/nursing.

Originally Posted by Hachiko View Post
If there is no contact between her and my cats, are my cats safe??
Have your cats ever been vaccinated? Are they healthy and eating good food? Then it's not likely there will be any issues.

Good luck! Let us know how it goes.....
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