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Was in the petstore the other day (yeah I know..dangerous place for an animal lover like me). they had these teeny tiny hedgehogs.They claimed they were not babies, but more like teenager age...but I think they were babies. Anyways...I was wondering if anyone on here has owned one, what thier care is like..ect? Just out of curiosity. I went to pick one up . it jumped, and put its spikes up. I jumped because i wasnt expecting it, and I drew back a bloody finger. OWIE! although...compared to the birdbites I've big. But..I do you get around the "not so cuddlyness" of them" I am a petter and a cuddler. If I cant "pet" it...or ..mess with it..I'm not sure I want it. But I am morbidly curious over people swear they make great pets.
I also HELD a groundhog. REALLY. I did. It actually went to sleep in my arms. Have no intention of bringing one home as they like to "escape" thier dwelling and I could just see one of our "dach" having a groundhog "snack". But..anyways.
hedgehog anyone???
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