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Hi Rob!

Originally Posted by grontrek View Post
He was lossing weight and not doing well then I came across this forum and started with the wellness Low phosphorus canned food and raw chicken, he is doing much better now so thanks to everyone form all the info.

Originally Posted by grontrek View Post
Now I want ot start feeding all my pets a better diet! I know Grain free is a big term right now but I was also looking at the Wysong food products and they seem Very much against grain free and go for starch free! Has anyone got any experience with this brand for dogs or cats?
I'm not a big fan of most of the Wysong foods for cats (except the Au Jus canned, for occasional feeding only since it's just meat and not nutritionally balanced). They have some whacked ingredients in most of their products, like plums. Seriously? Plums? But my biggest issue with the Epigen dry foods is that they're dry. Cats need the moisture of a wet food diet. Their low thirst drive results in chronic dehydration when only eating kibble, and consequently puts them at big risk for a number of health conditions like bladder/urinary tract disorders and even renal insufficiency. So if you can manage to feed all your kitties either canned or a balanced raw diet, that would be my number one recommendation. Maybe the doggies would be fine on Wysong though .
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