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Originally Posted by Melinda View Post
*L* when I was older and dad went into it seriously, my hubby and dad built a mini barn, bird room, we called it, in their back yard, its like a mini apartment, we had rows of cages and two walls of flight cages, no fun to clean I'll tell you that, when dad passed away there was close to 450 birds and many died with in two months, the aviary bird vet came back and said birds grieve for their owners, the minute my husband would enter the room and speak they went crazy, they missed hearing a mans voice, mom and I eventually sold them to a friend of dads who also raised birds, we kept about 25 of his favorites, his "pets" till they passed on of old age.

Hazel, I grew up in a home where nothing in the way of pets was denied us, except for cats, but I split my time between home and grandparents where I had plenty of cats there *L* she raised siamese before they were popular......people were scared of them way back then *L*

Surprised you didnt have a pet "elephant" ,
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