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Originally Posted by Myka View Post
Weird. I'm usually the oddball poster who is more lax about whatever situation is at hand, but this time I'm the more conservative one. Maybe it is because I need a yard, and have always found my dogs to enjoy the yard immeasurably!
Funny isn't it. I am usually more hard lined however this time I tend to give a little more in this subject matter. This is why:
1 - times have changed. People now live in smaller spaces. Because of this, animals (compact or not) can and will adjust. The excuse that animals cannot accompany their owners because of a space issue, really concerns me.
2 - ideally we would also want our pets to have someone home most of the day. In this day and age, this simply is not ideal. Nowadays, both people need to work to make a living. Now I know this #2 has nothing to do with the question at hand, however it is relevant to indicate that there is a trend in making adjustments to today's requirements.
3 - having dogs go from condo environment to now a home has had no bearing on them whatsoever. The extra space is just that..extra. It has provided them no more or less comfort than before. It has not enticed any of them to play more, nor go outside to a fully backyard. The backyard is actually now my convenience.

I will say this however. Living in a home with a backyard is very convenient when house breaking a dog. This is the only real advantage that I have experienced.

Please note: In the condo (900 sqft), I had a GSD, min pin X, a shih tsu and 5 cats. We absolutely were not cramped at all. I have now moved into a 2000 sqft home, with now 4 cats, 5 dogs and 3 foster cats. The space provided me the ability to foster cats. That's about all it did really.
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