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Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
Okay, I'm hypothyroid myself and have a hypothyroid Shetland Sheepdog. I live in Australia so the drug for the dog is Thyroxine, same as I take.Now, for all you people with hypo dogs, and you can laugh at this, I accidentally took the dog's tablet one morning - silly me for being in a rush and not thinking and for having them in the same spot as mine, hey? Anyway, I decided to check with a pharmacist if it mattered , I had already had mine, but I was thinking he'll say it's okay, a dog dose can't be much. WRONG!! It is a much bigger dose that I take. Is there anyone here who has ever compared their dog's dose to a human dose, or any Dr or Vet who can explain why a dog needs more? Indeed, do they really need more?? Are they being seriously over-dosed?
Apparently the dog metabolizes it much quicker than a human, and that's also why it's recommended that they get it twice a day, because the half-life in a dog is much less than for a human.

In theory, the therapeutic ranges for the thyroid are determined somehow???
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