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Originally Posted by Longblades View Post
I've always wondered at those claims made that some giant breeds are good for apartments, (Newfs, Danes, Saints) because their exercise requirements are relatively low. They still have to go out to bathroom. And they do need some exercise.

So isn't it just that once you get them out they don't need to be out as long or go at it as hard as say a Lab? But they still need out. So to my mind it boils down to how much time the owner has to spend exercising and working with the dog and not how many times up and down the stairs or elevator to get out, it's how long you stay out that counts and that is not a factor of being in an apartment? Comments?

+1 - 100% agree.

The only additional points i have to make is that...
1 - the temperature of the apartment might make a difference to a samoyed. We all know hot air rises so if there isn't any AC, your Samoyed may be very warm at certain times of the year. If this is the case, then a house with a basement would be better imo for dogs that love the cold.
2 - If the apartment has a lot of clutter OR has antique-like valuables lying around and you are very concerned about damage...a big breed (especially ones with very active tails and especially if they are active puppies and you are out all day long ) might not be best in that case.

As mentioned several times in this thread, apartment living in no way should imply reduced exercise.

Good luck!
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