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Originally Posted by jassy3399 View Post
ok, seriously, are you sure this is normal? he had her pinned on her back, and she was growling and hissing and holding all four feet up trying to keep him back, and he just kept darting in and biting her. there's no blood, but it seriously freaked me out.
She doesn't sound like she's ready for a playmate yet. Is he biting her or mouthing? Mouthing looks completely different than biting. You'd see his teeth if he were biting her. Being as she was hand raised as well for the most part she doesn't know how to play with other cats either.
It could be that they were both overstimulated by the time the biting happened if they had been playing together as before. Not a bad idea to separate them after a while of playing. Let them both cool down a bit. No sense in courting trouble. Once she is a little older - three months or so - she will start being able to hold her own against the big brother figure. Even then though I would keep them separate on occasion just for a time away period.

You may have to play a big part in teaching her. Start by letting her play as normal with you but if she gets too rough hiss or move completely away. Mom would do that. Mom would also give a light swat to let the kitten know that behaviour is not acceptable but seeing as our "light swat" would still be stronger than the real moms I wouldn't advocate that.

Dart pics - should have some new ones around somewhere. I post pics on the kitties FB page mostly. Just took some new ones of him playing with his little playmate about an hour ago. We'll see what we can do.........
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