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I'm pretty sure the wool was not the answer. The doesn't appear to be much (if any) improvement. She doesn't appear "bumpy" all over her body now, but has a lot of flaky, thick feeling skin that feels warm and moist to the touch.

I am wondering a bit about it being a minor mange infestation. She doesn't have any bald spots, but her fur is thin on her chest, and she is losing a lot of hair. She has moist flaky skin near the edges of her ear canal (like the side of her head). Her ears are cropped really short so she wouldn't have the tell tale crusty mange ears. The little ear tips that she does have don't seem to be affected. I'm looking at pics on Google, and some of them look similar...the blemishes do at least. She also has stinky, greasy, wet dog smell just a day or two after she's bathed where I would expect her to smell nice for a week or so after a bath. She smells like she hasn't been bathed in a year.

Bacterial infection sounds pretty similar too from doing Google searches. Hmm.
Originally Posted by That Pet Place
The bacterial infections are usually caused by bacteria that are part of the normal flora of the skin (e.g. Staphylococcus intermedius). For this reason the infection is not contagious to other animals. In dogs that have abnormal skin (e.g. allergies) the bacteria increase in number and cause red bumps (papules) and rancid odor. Some dogs with bacterial skin infections also develop excessive shedding, patchy hair loss and scaling.
Stinky skin:

Demodex mange:

Sarcoptic mange:

I just might have to take her to the vet...

Poor girl.
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