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Smile Blue Tick Training Issue

I was reading some of the post's about the Blue Tick Hounds; I inherited a 9 month old from a family friend who had health issues.

I was having issue's with running for miles and not listening, even worse he is gun shy and will run three miles on a car back firing.

I started with a 50 foot rope, harness, leather gloves, and a cap gun, and lot's of dog parks.

The 50 foot rope I tied around my waste and the leather gloves are to keep your skin from being burned off. When Buddy got to 50 feet and pulled I just stopped until Buddy let off; then started walking again. Then started introducing the cap gun with the same outcome. Now he will run circles or trails around 50 feet, will stop, sit, and stay when told. I use him now after hunting hours to retrieve lost game in corn fields, he loves it and will run through anything once on a scent.

Walking I used at the suggestion of another hounds man to use a very small metal choke collar; this worked well and my 10 year old son can walk him with no worries.

I take this hound every where in the back of the truck, I made a hefty chain that ties to the harness and he can just get his head over the edge and he can stand on his front legs to look over the truck and bawl.

Now the not running out of the house part was the most difficult, and i had to resort to a very short use of a shock collar, with a vibrator. Now I have a hound that does not leave the yard not even for another animal. He just goes to the edge of the grass and will not cross the property line. And listens to everyone even my 6 year old son when told to sit and stay.

I will alway's own a hound from here on out great family, house dog, hunter, and very loyal. This being said don't come into my back yard without going through the front door. He is very protective and has only gotten more since he matured.

I hope this helps, great dog!!
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